Helicopter Skydive Interlaken Switzerland
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Helicopter Skydive Interlaken!

helicopter skydive switzerland
helicopter skydive switzerland
helicopter skydive switzerland

Jump of a life time!

Cheers boys for the experience of my life.

Paul Mc Perth WA

Get to the Chopper!!

Interlaken til I die!!

Will never forget this Cheers


Dear People wanting to skydive

Hello! So we jumped out of a helicopter that was above all the Swiss Alps + Loved it. We will be eating cardboard for the next few weeks to pay for it, but it was worth it!

They will try to get you to buy the video (7 out of 8 did) + it's probly worth it - i think I'll get a shirt here with the helicopter we jumped out of.

So get the video and the Tshirt, We looked the coolest in the red jumpsuits in the Swiss Alps, Yay!+ plus it dosent hurt your but when you land.

Grace, Matt, Blake,Keven Caitlin. Illinois

Andrew was just awesome awesome awesome.... Just can't explain in words how happy n satisfied I feel after my first ever free fall .... OMG wat a wonder it was !!!! There team is superb and my guy Andrew was awesomest among all .... Strongly recommend to try this , best palace on earth interlaken...

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